Eric Okauru - Pastor in Raleigh, NC

About Eric Okauru

A prominent spiritual leader in Raleigh, NC, Eric Okauru brings nearly 15 years of experience to his role as pastor of Kings Kingdom Ministries. In that role, he guides members of a spiritual organization with centers in Raleigh, NC, Columbia, SC, and other cities around the United States. Eric Okauru also handles daily duties such as preparing weekly sermons and conducting worship services.

In addition to his responsibilities as a pastor, Mr. Okauru combines his spiritual leadership and prophetic gifts with a financial wisdom that he passes on to members of his church through a financial management mentorship program. The multi-phase program focuses on changing the individual’s fundamental relationship to finances and money management and includes strategies for setting financial goals, identifying ways of generating revenue, and developing a comprehensive savings and investment program. Over the years, Mr. Okauru has helped many members of his church escape the cycle of poverty.

Mr. Okauru has earned accolades for his spiritual leadership and guided fundraising initiatives to assist the homeless community. Outside of his spiritual work, he pursues a diverse range of hobbies that includes playing the piano, reading, and following politics.